From the sea to your plate

There’s something extra special about eating fresh seafood by the waterfront and when love and care is put into the dish it can be an enchanting meal full of flavour and atmosphere. Here at WestBeach we pride ourselves on bringing you sustainable and naturally delicious seafood of the highest quality to create innovative meals using a range of fish, seafood and other ingredients to accompany and enhance the dishes.

At WestBeach we believe that fresh, local, high quality produce is at the heart of all good food. That’s why we make the most of our beautiful seafront location and bring you in the best catches every day from local fishermen.

Quality is something we pride ourselves on, we work hard to research our suppliers and source companies who have the same standards, passion and commitment to quality as we do, we then form strong relationships with them that last a lifetime. It is this standard and relationship that lends itself to our À la carte menu and our unique dishes. Our ingredients are sourced from a few select suppliers who catch the seafood and fish almost every morning and bring it to us by 8.30am, ready for our top chefs to prepare it. Ensuring the seafood on your plate is as fresh as it can be.

Our fishermen bring us in a selection everyday from our most popular dishes such as Cod served with smoked peppers & chickpea sauce, polenta chips and tarragon pesto or Mussels served in the classic Moules Mariniere to our daily specials, which can vary from Wild Sea Bass to Dover Soul, dependent on what the fishermen catch that morning. Our talented chefs will then create an exclusive dish utilizing the very freshest of ingredients and local seafood, combining experimental ingredients with classic flavour combinations, which always prove to be very popular with our regulars and first-timers alike. Our Sea Bass is a popular catch of the day with its mild, yet rich flesh and flaky texture. We choose to serve this in a way which will not deter from the fresh fish, whole and seasoned perfectly, served with lemon letting the flavour from the days catch steal the show.

With Lobster being such an indulgent dish, it is imperative to us that from the moment it is caught to the moment it goes onto your plate we ensure it is done with passion and care. Our lobsters are caught locally in Poole Bay, and are brought to us whole and varying in shape and size, on a bed of ice, we then price each whole Lobster accordingly. Lobsters are black in colour, when they are alive, once they are cooked they turn the bright red colour which you will be familiar with. Lobsters have a pigment called astaxanthin in their shells which when they react to heat, the pigments break down and they turn the red colour which reaches your plate. Our Lobsters are served with either a Garlic & herb butter, Bearnaise sauce or Thermidor sauce, chosen to perfectly accompany the Lobster.