Welcome to the WestBeach kitchen! Here are some of our favourite recipes for you to recreate at home. Along with some handy hints and tips to help you in the kitchen. 



Lemon Posset

Make this easy Dinner Party Dessert before your guests arrive, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy a glass of wine.

Lemon Posset 

1200ml Double Cream
200g Caster Sugar
Juice & Zest of 4 Lemons

  For the Crumble Topping
200g Plain Flour
100g Demerera Sugar
100g Unsalted Butter

    For the Raspberry Coulis  
200g Caster Sugar
100ml Orange Juice or Water
300g Raspberries   

Start by placing the double cream & the sugar into a large pan over a low heat & bring to the boil slowly. Boil for 3 minutes, then remove from the heat & allow to cool. Once cooled whisk in the lemon juice & zest.
Pour the mixture through a sieve straight into glasses & refrigerate for around 3 hours.

For the crumble topping, sieve out the flour & dice the butter.  Rub the butter into the flour, then add the sugar & combine. Roll out and place on a baking tray.
Bake at 170 for 15 minutes, once cooled blitz in a blender.

For the raspberry coulis, combine the sugar & orange juice (or water) in a saucepan & mix well on a low heat.  Once the mixture has fully combined into a syrup remove from the heat & blend with the raspberries.  Pass through a sieve & cool.  

Once cooled & just before serving pour over your Posset & sprinkle your shortbread over the top.

Voila how easy was that!
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Kitchen Tips

No Waste!

In a world where we are trying not to waste food here's a handy tip to help prolong the life of your vegetables. 

Get some paper towel and use to wrap loosely around your veg, then pop it into a re-sealable plastic bag, as oxygen is the culprit in shortening your veg lifespan get as much air out of your bag before you seal it. Try and avoid washing it until you are ready to use and leave plenty of room in your fridge drawer to allow for more airflow, airflow can cause food to expire more quickly. 


Buying herbs in a pot is more economical - but how to keep them alive for longer? 

As soon as you get them home, take them out of their packaging and immediately trim the top leaves to use in your cooking. By doing this you make the plant stronger, water everyday or according ti instructions on the pack. 


Salad bags going out of date? 

We all love conviniece of showing ahead but our salad bags just don't seem to last very long, well how about cooking them. If you find yourself with leftovers and you don't want to throw them away how about cooking them, exactly as you would spinach. Add a little oil to a pan and wilt down the leaves add some seasoning. Enjoy with your eggs for breakfast or with fish for dinner. 


Avocado for breakfast, but only wan to use half, here's how to prevent it going brown!

Cut your avocado in half, retain the side with the stone in it. Scoop out the flesh of the other side then take the empty skin and use it to cover the side with the stone in it. Keeping the stone in and covering it helps the avocado to retain it's colour and freshness, but only until the following day!

Eggs - Turn the hob off before eggs are done

The trick to great eggs is to not overcook them! Whether you scramble, fry, or poach, always turn the hob off a few minutes before the eggs look done - even when they seem a bit runny. The remainder of the heat will cook them to fluffy perfection. 

Did you know that by adding vinegar when boiling eggs helps the shells peel off more easily!

Problems chopping onions? 

Onions can be difficult to slice into without making a mess. To cut them evenly, do not remove the root. Peel the onion and slice in a horizontal direction for slices, or if you want pieces cut down vertically. 

Not enough juice for your lemons!

Microwave whole for 20-30 seconds on high, no more though or you'll dry the skin out. 

Only want a small amount of juice for your recipe? 

Don't wan to cut the whole fruit, use a skewer to pierce the fruit squeeze a few drops out, no waste!

Dinner Party - forgotten the bread - quick and easy Flatbread

Mug of plain flour, mix with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil per person, slowly add cold water until you have a soft smooth dough (if its the right consistency it should come away from the side of the bowl clean)

Divide your mixture into balls, roll out to a 2mm thickness and fry in a non-stick pan, this only takes a few moments, its ready when both sides have golden brown patches all over.