Artist In Residence

WestBeach is proud to be partnered with the Arts University Bournemouth to support local graduating artist’s by providing a dedicated creative space within our seafront restaurant. WestBeach's annual footfall is so vast that it is an amazing platform for creative work to be displayed and and admired.


Megan Staple is WestBeach’s current Artist in Residence. Her graduate work is on display in WestBeach until September 2019.


Born and raised in Somerset, Megan has delved into various corners of abstract photography with her interest in perspective manipulation starting in 2015. This practice was finalised in her BA (Hons) Photography Degree from the Arts University Bournemouth. Megan graduated in July 2018 and has since had her work exhibited in many galleries around the UK.


WestBeach interviewed Megan on her inspiration for her work and how she created the final pieces. She explained that she wanted to create something to look computer generated, unnatural and fictional. An ideology of something that is real made to look fake. The way in which she achieved this visual was completely unedited, non photoshopped and finished as a C-Type print developed in a dark room via chemical process.


‘Non Fiction Fantasy’ is currently on display in WestBeach until September 2019. For any enquiries on the sale of the pieces please contact


Please visit our instagram to view more of Megans work @westbeachbmouth