The Gallery at WestBeach

As well as displaying our own commissioned pieces from talented artists, WestBeach also work in partnership with The Gallery at the AUB as an additional platform to showcase their exhibitions, making the artworks accessible for all and encouraging further exploration of the exhibition programme.

The Gallery AUB off-site Exhibtion Wall

Boat Builder Series - Sam Scales.

Freelancer illustrator, printmaker and photographer who graduated from the AUB with a BA (Hons) Illustration in 2016. In this project he has worked in collaboration with Martine Loubser focusing on "The Tradesman" theme. Through visiting workshops and studios he documents the progress of tradesmen's craft.

Art landscape.jpg

Hook Sands - Perri Scott

Perri’s artworks often derive from studies of naturally occurring geometrical forms. For this artwork she focused on sand ripples caused by the velocity of water flow and changing tides. The slant of each oblique pyramid was calculated to create curvature within the artwork. 340 pyramids were curated to resemble the sand ripples found on Bournemouth and Poole’s beaches. Each pyramid was constructed by hand and gilded gold aligned facing East to maximise light reflection. Initial sampling identified gold leaf best reflected warm light throughout the design, complementing the ambience of Westbeach and its natural surroundings.

View of Art Peri Scott at West Beach.jpg

Moon Wallpaper - Ece Selimoglu

Ece Selimoglu "We were asked to produce a wallpaper using iconic images, which would relate to our projects and become a background to our projects. My project was about juxtaposing the past and the future, where the past was imagined as the earth and the future as the moon. The idea was to bring the memories to the moon to keep them safe for the future generations. The surface of the moon was chosen as the iconic image for the wallpaper. As it is a wallpaper, I  aimed to produce a continuous image. The same image was applied twice in two different colours. The second layer was displaced in order to create an eye catching, 3D effect".

Moon Art landscape.jpg